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Dutch Painters Edition
Classic Slide Puzzle: Download Now
Slide background Containing 64 of the most beautiful works of art from Dutch Masters Paintings containing Info on Title, Painter & Dating Increasing difficulty from 3x3 grids to 6x6 grids at highest level Time Trial based Game Play Download Now Slider Image
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LibGDX Tutorial: Mam Bow 2

In this tutorial we'll show you some basics on how Mam Bow 2 was created.

We'll get into camera usage, using a viewport to fit the game screen to different device dimensions, using Tiled to create a TileMap including a second layer that will be used in collision detection and more.

Tutorial: AdMob for LibGDX Android Projects

So you've created an app and now you want to publish and monetize it. Adding an Ad Network is one of the most popular ways to monetize your app with AdMob being used by roughly 2/3th of the developers that integrate Ad Networks.

AdMob for LibGDX projects guides you through all the necessary steps to get AdMob running in your App.

LibGDX Tutorial: The Dutch Masters - Shuffle Puzzle

The Dutch Masters Shuffle Puzzle series will be a development log & LibGDX Game Development tutorial in one.

While we're trying to squeeze some of the greatest art works of the Dutch RijksMuseums into a classical shuffle puzzle for mobile devices you can follow our process, learn how to create shuffle puzzle using LibGDX yourself, help us out and/or see our mistakes.

Becoming a better Android developer by analysing Nick Butcher's Plaid

Plaid is an Android App created by Google's design advocate Nick Butcher. It's source code is also publicly available on GitHub. In this tutorial I thought it would be a great idea to analyse some of Plaid's source code and get more in-depth in some of the Material Design related techniques used in creating Plaid.

Our Apps & Work in Process

I. Mam Bow 2

Manbow 2 was previously released in 2007 for the MSX platform, but now Norakomi's retro space shooter is being reworked for Android & iOS.

A playable "sneak preview" version is already up on Google Play.

Free to download

Get it on Google Play

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II. Treasure of the Reyks - Dutch Painters Edition

Created as a submission for the Rijksmuseum's 2015 Rijkstudio Awards competition.
Treasures of the Reyks is a classic slide puzzle game containing 64 of the most beautiful painting "hand picked" out of the Rijksmuseum's digital collection.

Get it on Google Play

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III. Mam Bow Jr.

While Kliever is busy destroying Mam Bow's Home planet, junior is occupied with something completely different...
Mam bow Jr. is a "teaser" game to Norakomi's soon to be released Mambow2. Based on our old time favourite - Pac Man - spiced with graphics and music from the original Mambow 2.

Get it on Google Play

IV. Yoni's Quest: Pudding Panic

Puddings are yum yum.

But be quick cause they're coming at you in high speed and dropping them on the floor doesn't make mama happy.

Expected to be available for Android: medio 2015.

Join Norakomi

Norakomi is dedicated to developing apps for Android, iOS & creating educational material for (aspiring) app developers to create apps themselves.

Norakomi is interested in turning app inspiration into reality and learning and sharing knowledge on how it's done and we're looking for people to team up with.

If you are interested please get in contact with us:

Norakomi Developer, Rik van Velzen

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