Treasure of the Reyks Museum ~ Dutch Painters Edition

Treasures of the Reyks was a submission for the 2015 Rijksstudio Awards. A contest for product designers / artists to re-use work(s) from the over 200.000 art pieces of the Dutch Rijksmuseum that has been digitalized and put online free to view and use:

Treasures of the Reyks turned into a classic slide puzzle game containing 64 paintings of great Dutch painters like Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Johannes Vermeer and more. Treasures of the Reyks is downloadable at Google Play and

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Youtube Video

Treasures of the Reyks Museum - Tutorial

I'm currently working on a video tutorial series on how I've created the game. From start to finish. Expected to be finished around end of may

I've also started writing on a written tutorial -> Check out the tutorial here
Initially it was meant to become a full blown tutorial, but now the tutorial will probably just going to cover creating a very basic slide puzzle.

Getting Treasures of the Reyks Museum for Free

If you don't want pay for the "Support Norakomi"-Version (now why would you not?!) of the Treasures of the Reyks you can also download it for free!. If you're downloading it from The Netherlands or Belgium you can get the free promo / test version on Google Play at:

Or you can download the .APK directly from our website: -> Click to Download .APK

Any thoughts, ideas, (constructive) feedback always welcome.
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