Welcome to the Dutch Masters Shuffle Puzzle development log and tutorial!
I thought it would be interesting to start writing a tutorial on a shuffle puzzle game I recently started on, while I'm still working on it.
Kind of as an experiment... so here it is.
I had a bunch of ideas for making 2D & 3D puzzle games, but I decided I was going to start on something simple. A classical 2D shuffle puzzle game. A while ago I thought: "Wouldn't it be great if I could use existing art work?"
One problem with that idea is of course that most art work is copyrighted, but then I happen to run into a article on the Dutch RijksMuseum having digitalized over 200.000(!) of their collected works and they'd put them online for everyone to use copyright free. They even created the RijksStudio web page where people can search for works, create collections & download the material!
If you'd like to take a look at RijksStudio yourself check out this link.

So now I had an idea, some great art work to help me create my shuffle puzzle. Only thing left to do is create it & in this Development Log / Tutorial you can check out how I am doing (and maybe even help out!).

So what's the plan ... What will be covered?

In this development log / tutorial series I will document my progression while I develop the game. A couple of topics that I will most likely be covered:

  • LibGDX Project set up.
  • Different screens and how to switch between game screens.
  • Making sure the game works well on devices with different screensizes.
  • Asset usage.
  • How to create puzzle pieces out of the Rijksmuseum painting dependant on difficulty level.
  • Puzzle piece movement animation.
  • How to use arrays to store, shuffle and compare puzzle pieces.
  • Creating a custom font.
  • User Interface design.
  • And more ....?

  • For whom is this Tutorial / Prerequisites

    This follow this tutorial series you need little to no knowledge about LibGDX. Basic knowledge of Java is recommended.
    I will (re)structure the tutorial content, sidebar, etc. as I go along so any comment/recommendations would be appreciated.

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